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An online news publishing system that features easy installation, user submission, and an admin panel for adding, editing, and removing categories and news.

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Programming language: PHP
License: LGPL
Developer: pecili


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1 Year Ago via ZEBRA   Wednesday, September 20, 2017 is the open-source index of the best scripts, themes and frameworks.

Fc Grid

Pre-written Cascading Style Sheet library that are meant to enable easier, more standards-compliant layout and styling of web pages.

Contact Us 2.0.

A contact us form with email and form field validation. It allows your visitors to send you an email directly from your website.

Link Base Pro

This script allows you to manage your links using a MySQL database. It features easy install, user submission, and an admin panel to add, edit and remove categories and links.

HTML email

PHP tutorial how to send HTML email with images inside.

Math Captcha V6

MATH PHP CAPTCHA script to protect your forms from spambots. Requirement(s): PHP Server, GD Library.

Astanda Directory Project

Astanda Directory Project [ADP] is a directory, search engine, and spider/crawler software. Your own little breed of DMOZ and Google. ADP is the only software in its class ever to be written in PHP with MySQL database support.

PHP Alexa Class

Get site ranking information from Alexa website.